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Cinegy Workspace empowers media production teams to collaborate on projects wherever they are – in the office, at home or on the road. Cinegy Workspace provides secure access to your Cinegy Archive database from anywhere at any time. All that is required is a standard computer or laptop running Windows or Mac OS, and a regular internet connection. Using the Cinegy Workspace browser-based interface, clips can be searched, browsed, selected and even edited. Users can participate in a collaborative workflow even when they are based in different locations.

Cinegy Archive Services provide a secure way to allow Workspace clients either in the local network or via the Internet to access the Cinegy Archive contents. Cinegy Workspace has been developed as a rich internet application to provide cross platform support (running on Windows and Mac OS) and requires no dedicated application installation.

Flexible and Scalable

Five Cinegy Workspace licenses are included with the Cinegy Archive database, allowing any five users access at any given time. Extra licenses can be added quickly and easily allowing more users to work simultaneously on the collaborative production process. For large organizations a separate Cinegy Workspace Server can be set up to provide a scalable enterprise volume platform. With the Cinegy Workspace Server in place concurrent access is available to all permitted users, with the number of simultaneous connections dependent on server capacity and network bandwidth.


By providing access to media files from anywhere in the world, Cinegy Workspace adds flexibility, efficiency and convenience to the Cinegy workflow production process. Changes made to database content via Cinegy Workspace are immediately stored in the Cinegy Archive database. Users can collaborate on a variety of tasks, including the content of bins, quick selection and logging incoming material.


Web client for Cinegy Archive MAM
Remotely manage material. Create, delete, rename and move folders and bins
Quickly and easily manage metadata stored along with clips, using the table view of the bin interface
Play clips in ClipBins and Rolls, set markers and create sub-clips
Submit edited storyboards to Cinegy Convert (Legacy) via integrated job drop folders
Easily locate clip origins
While viewing clips in the Cinegy Workspace player, windowed or full-screen playback can be controlled via industry-standard keyboard shortcuts or mouse
System information, media timecode and duration information can be displayed in the viewer
A sophisticated search engine allows video material and documents to be located quickly
No installation required
Floating license

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Cinegy Workspace

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