BoxCast BoxCaster HD Live Video Streaming Encoder

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BoxCast BoxCaster HD Live Video Streaming Encoder BXC-HDSD2 completely automated and easy-to-use, powerful encoder that can stream up to 1080p. With a camera, the BoxCaster, the BoxCast Platform, an internet connection, and power, you can stream your events live to anyone, anywhere, watching on any device. It's the easiest way to stream professional quality video.

BoxCaster automatically turns on to capture your scheduled broadcasts. With no buffering or annoying ads, your viewers won't be distracted from your content. BoxCast automatically archives all of your events so you don't have to do any additional work. Plus, you can simultaneously stream your event to any destination, including Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and Twitch.


1x HDMI HD Video Input (480i to 1080p60)
1x Composite SD Video Input (NTSC/PAL)

Embedded Audio Input
2x RCA Stereo Line In Audio Input (48 kHz)


H.264 high profile level 4.2