Blackmagic Design VHUBSMART6G1212

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Blackmagic Design Smart Videohub 4K 12x12 VHUBSMART6G1212 new routers based on 6G-SDI technology this year, and not only does this mean we can now handle SD, HD and Ultra HD SDI connections simultaneously on the one router at the same time, but these new models have some other exciting new features too. These new models replace our older Micro Videohub and Smart Videohub models but include better technology, better design and are much nicer to use! These new models feature a machined metal front panel so they look really nice, but they also include a full control panel with small LCD screen so you can see what you are routing.

The control panel includes buttons to direct select a crosspoint, a spin knob for scrolling router cross points as well as a “take” button. The LCD screen can display nice large labels and the new routers include over 10,000 separate unicode characters so we can handle non roman labels such as Japanese, Chinese and more. The LCD screen can also display video from the video inputs or even outputs. We call this new feature “visual routing” and it allows you to scroll through the router destinations or sources and see the connections as video on the LCD screen as the labels updates. It’s really fun to use!

Smart Videohub 12x12 features 12 inputs and 12 outputs.

-Routing Switcher
-12 x 6G-SDI Inputs / 12 x 6G-SDI Outputs
-Supports SD, HD, Ultra HD 4K, & DCI 4K
-4:2:2 and 4:4:4 Sampling
-10-bit Processing
-SDI Reclocking
-Built-in LCD with Spin Knob Control
-Push Buttons on Front Panel
-Ethernet for Remote Control
-Videohub Control Software Included