Blackmagic Design MultiDock 2 Rack Mount Thunderbolt Disk Dock

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  • $899.00

If you're working in large facilities, then Blackmagic MultiDock 2 allows disk to be moved between rooms instantly so you can move to a larger room when you have a client, or to a smaller room when working alone. This means you get the flexibility to change and move workflow as your client demands. You can even take your job from an editing room into a dedicated DaVinci Resolve color correction room and then move to a larger theater style room when your client arrives to review your job. With instant plugging and unplugging of media disks, you get the ultimate in flexibility without the clunky caddies that regular disk arrays use, plus Blackmagic MultiDock is rack mount so it fits into your equipment racks!

4 Disk Docking Station, Supports 2.5" SATA SSDs & HDDs, Thunderbolt 2 Interface, Edit Directly from Disks, Supports Multi-Disk RAID Storage, Illuminated Disk Access Indicators, 1RU Rack Mount Chassis, Built-In Power Supply.