Barco UniSee 8000 55" Bezel-Less Tiled LCD 1080p Display R9849347B

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Barco UniSee 8000 55" Bezel-Less Tiled LCD 1080p Display R9849347B is a professional-grade, high-resolution LCD displays are the perfect solution for tiled video wall applications in small to medium-sized control rooms, corporate lobbies, experience centers, brand showrooms and meeting rooms. Reinventing the LCD video wall, Barco UniSee optimizes every component, resulting in a step forward in terms of image quality, installation time, ease-of-servicing, and reliability.

Always the smallest possible bezel.

Aligning the displays of an LCD video wall can be a tedious job. The UniSee Mount makes this task a lot easier. Using the power of gravity, the screens slide into perfect position automatically, in any direction along the X, Y and Z axes. Perfect alignment has now become pure science – not laborious craft

Faster installation

The UniSee Mount was designed to make installation easy and fast. There are fewer connection points, and the cabling can be positioned neatly inside the guiders. Installs now require much less effort, resulting in faster commissioning.

Adapts to your needs

The UniSee Mount allows both portrait and landscape orientations. Without any customization, it allows all possible video wall configurations.

With the 4K loop-through capability, all video signals can be sent to the Barco UniSee. display wall using a single video cable connection from the controller. This reduces the cost of the cabling, especially when the controller is located remotely from the video wall. Furthermore, the loop-through capability eliminates the cabling mess created when every panel has to be connected to the controller individually

Key Features

Bezel-less design with NoGap technology
Mounting structure with automatic alignment
Sense X real-time and continuous calibration
Fastest servicing and diagnosing
Modular, future-proof platform