Akitio Thunder2 10G Network Adapter T2NA-TLITS-AKT

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The Thunder2 10G Network Adapter T2NA-TLITS-AKT from Akitio utilizes a simplified design for high speed, 10GbE networking for modern workstations and ultrabooks which typically lack 1GbE connectivity or the capability to deploy an internal PCIe 10GbE network card (NIC) may be equipped with a Thunderbolt connector capable of delivering up to 20Gbps.


Thunderbolt 2 for lighting fast transfer speeds of up to 20Gbps
Large gaps for air flow and heatsink for passive cooling
Captive Thunderbolt cable and cable holder
Bus powered 10GbE network adapter
Jumbo frame support (16K)
Durable, compact and portable
10GBase-T connectivity over Thunderbolt 2